5 Smart Delegation Hacks to Make Your Productivity Soar

You want to get more accomplished, faster and with less stress and overwhelm, am I right?

A part of that… (and there is a whole lot more to it – for that, I refer you back to INSANE PRODUCTIVITY) is learning to delegate.

And there is an excellent chance you suck at it.

How do I know? Because most striving achievers suck at delegating… and I’ll explain why here in a bit.

Now….. most people give up on delegating because those they delegate to don’t do it right or the way you want it done.

Sound familiar?

The Key Mistake You Make When You Delegate

Let’s correct the mentality right now that the people you delegate to don’t do it right.

They didn’t do it wrong… you did!

You failed to delegate correctly.

Delegation is not abdicating.

You can’t just say, “Here you do this.” And expect them to come back with a successful deliverable, according to you.

As an example… there is a certain lady I know who will remain nameless… for my own safety since she lives with me!

This non-specified lady finally hired a housekeeper.

This is a big deal because she saw her mom raise 7 kids in a 1500 square foot home doing ALL the work, even making their clothes by hand. So the idea of having someone else clean her house was a big psychological barrier to cross.

So the housekeeper is hired. Yay!

But after one visit the housekeeper is fired.

I asked why.

She said because the housekeeper used inferior products and she didn’t do a good job cleaning.

I asked how much time she spent training the housekeeper… on her preferences and desired outcome… and if she provided the housekeeper with the products she wanted her to use.

Her response was, “She’s a housekeeper! I would expect her to know how to clean and have the right products.”

“But she’s not a mind reader!” I exclaimed.

Ya, it’s why I don’t give a lot of relationship advice. Still a work in progress.

Productive delegation requires discipline

5 Steps to Delegate the Right Way

Look, successful delegation has more to do with the delegator… NOT the one being delegated to.

And just because you’ve failed at it once or in the past, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work!

Delegating effectively is a skill and like any skill, it can be learned and improved upon.

Use this 5-step process to get better at it TODAY:

1.Outcome: Clearly define the goal and what ultimate “success” looks like.

2. Preferences: Train them on any process preferences you have (only use jumbo paper clips, label files with a Sharpie, not a regular pen, only use plant-derived cleaning solvents, or whatever meets your OCD standards).

3. Equip: Set them up with all the tools, resources or support they are going to need in advance.

4. Trust: Delegate responsibility and authority, not just the task. Have a deadline for completion, then get out of the way and leave them the heck alone.

5. Feedback loop: Have specific intervals for review and then offer praise and/or instructions for improvement.

Now, why did you USED to suck at delegating before this article?

Your #1 Delegation Curse (And How to Sidestep It)

The biggest problem high-achievers suffer is you’re too good at too many things, so you have trouble delegating.

You think, well… I can just do it myself and get it done quicker. It will take me longer to delegate it than it would to just do it. I can do it better than anyone else anyway.

Any of that BS sound familiar?

Yeah, you got to get over this.

If you do the work, you will always have to do it.

Look at it this way… if you don’t have an executive assistant – you are one.

If you don’t have a housekeeper – you are one.

And you’ll earn like one too. And waste the gift of what YOU were meant to bring to this planet.

And you are taking away what someone else loves to do.

Yes, there are people who love being useful and important to someone else as their executive assistant… people who love helping create efficiencies and empower the champion of a mission that is greater than themselves.

Yes, there are people who take great delight in creating a fresh and rejuvenated environment and doing it with excellent care and pride.

So, you gotta get over these hang-ups… that is, IF you ever want get more accomplished, faster and with less stress and overwhelm.

Find people who love to do all those things you should not be doing outside your vital functions.

Delegation is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of a strong leader.

The only way to climb up the economic ladder of success is to continue to find ways to turn labor, into leadership. And delegation is one of those essential skills. Learn to master it.

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