How to Outsource Your Weaknesses for Lightning-Fast Productivity

Let’s talk about your strengths and weaknesses today.

If you own a business…

If you want to be highly productive…

You cannot be operating in your weaknesses.

It’s imperative that you discover your strengths, and then outsource all your weaknesses to other people who have those strengths.

Trying to do it all in-house is so 20th Century. Things are moving too fast to try and homebrew every competency and skill.

Don’t do that anymore. We are a contractor economy today. There is a worldwide network of people who do everything… individual things they are experts in.

All-Star Guide to Outsourcing for Higher Productivity

Follow the 3 steps below to become an all-star outsourcer.

This is literally your guide to a thriving business that dominates your industry, serves people with excellence, and also gives you and your family financial and time freedom.  Follow these steps, and it may help you double your productivity.

1) Figure out what business you are really in and only do that.

2) Figure out what you are great at and only do that.

3) Outsource everything else.

Stop Trying to Do Everything - Productivity QuoteAre you in video production? No, outsource it.

Are you in technology engineering? No, outsource it.

Are you in accounting? No, outsource it.

Are you in fulfillment? No, outsource it.

Are you in IT maintenance? No, outsource it.

Are you in social media marketing? No, outsource it.

Today, outsourcing can be cheaper, faster, and more scalable.

And you can find greater talent than you could hire as an employee.  And it’s what THEY do so it will be better than you could do. (and shhh… no employee costs and taxes!)

Of course, keep in-house control of the one thing your company is great at and makes your company valuable, but then outsource to better experts most everything else.

Outsourcing for Non-Business Owners

And by the way, if you are not a business owner, this applies to your life too.

Figure out what your core values are in life… what your main mission and purpose are, and only do that.

What is your specialty?

What are you paid to do?

If you are a lawyer, it’s billable hours lawyering.

If you are an accountant, it’s accounting.

If you are a salesperson, it’s selling.

If you are a leader, it is leading.

Everything else is not your specialty and you shouldn’t be doing it.

Hire someone who is.

… As I did recently.

Productivity Quote - You are Unfocused

Outsourcing Case Study

During the creative process of designing some wickedly cool “movie” trailers for one of my programs, I came across the trailers to the movie “RUSH.”  I fell in love with the music so I downloaded it on my Macbook.

After struggling for 30-40 minutes trying to get it transferred to my main computer, which syncs to my gym iPod, I quickly realized, (Well, candidly, quickly would have been much sooner than losing 30 – 40 minutes of my life doing something I don’t get paid to do, I finally concluded this was out of my specialty.)

I popped open Craigslist and posted the need for a specialist. Sean, an actual full-time Apple Care tech who moonlights on the side, quickly responded and soon he was standing in my home office.

I told him what I wanted and then he told ME all the things I didn’t know I wanted.

He spent two hours waving his magic Apple wand over all my stuff (things I might have been able to figure out how to do after 30 hours of cursing, banging fists on desks and panic 911 calls to Apple Care and then still having to have a guy like Sean come over, fix what I broke, then start on my wants).

I now have remote, worldwide access to a collective repository of all the media my family has every generated or will generate (instead of different bits and pieces, on different devices spread everywhere) all elegantly auto-synced and remote controlled from our iPhones or iPads and which now streams beautifully throughout our house.

That’s what a specialist can do.

He tried to explain to me what he did and I simply stated, “I don’t need to know how the watch works, I just need to know it does and the simple user functions of setting it, winding it and who to call when it breaks. The how is why YOU are the specialist.”

More Opportunities to Outsource

Nurses shouldn’t be ordering supplies – there are specialists for that.

A lawyer shouldn’t be trying to fix her own computer – there are specialists for that.

Business owners shouldn’t be doing their own accounting – there are specialists for that.

And unless these are things people really enjoy and would pick them as hobbies done only for the fun of it, stick to your specialty.

Stick to what you get paid for.

And surround yourself with specialists for everything else.

How to Determine What to Outsource

Here’s the easy way to figure out what to outsource.

Make a list on a single sheet of paper.

FIRST – Brainstorm and list everything you are particularly great at.

NEXT –  Go down your list and put a checkmark next to the things you enjoy doing, and leave the rest unchecked.

If gardening, house cleaning, laundry, auto mechanics, fence building, IKEA construction doesn’t make your list AND get a checkmark… OUTSOURCE IT!!!


Take action!  Outsourcing your weaknesses will dramatically improve your productivity.

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