Your #1 Productivity Killer (And How to Sidestep It)

Lemme ask you a question…

Are you an egotistical, arrogant narcissist?

Not sure?

Well, let’s find out… Do you have trouble delegating?

If you do… you are.

Why? Because delegation requires HUMILITY—a recognition that you are NOT the only competent person in your organization… or in your family.

The worst part?

If you struggle with humbly delegating tasks, it’s CRUSHING your productivity.  Aside from dominating time management, learning how to effectively delegate is arguably the #1 skill you can learn for lightning-fast productivity.

How to Sidestep Your Delegation Problems

Here’s the first step to building your humility and getting back on track with your productivity:

Admit what you suck at.

The problem is you think you can do everything better, quicker, simpler than anyone else, so you do it all yourself.

It’s not true, but you must (arrogantly) think so or you wouldn’t be doing it.

Now I know this hubris first hand. For a LONG time, I had trouble delegating. I STILL have to constantly push myself in this area… to push myself to let go, turn over, get out of the way… and let others take the reigns.

Here is what I finally figured out…

If you want to be a high-achiever, you HAVE TO give up the activities others can do… so you can do what you are gifted, paid to do and are supposed to be doing as your role in “making it rain”.

The quality of your life and the quantity of your achievements come down to one metric—the number of hours you spend in YOUR strength zone; your unique genius zone, your passion zone, your high-energy zone, and your high-outcome zone.

One method I use to determine whether something is in my strength zone or not is…  when I think about a particular task or project, does the very thought of it de-energize me or does it energize me. Do I look forward to doing it or do I dread it?

We usually love to do what we are good at. When we are doing what we are good at, it also energizes us.

How to Get DRAINING Tasks Done

Now I can hear you asking, “But many of the things that drain me still have to get done.”

Yes indeed. So here’s what you do:

Find people who love what you hate.

Find someone who plays at that which you find work.

This is one of the most fascinating things about the way this whole universe was set up… Someone LOVES to do EVERYTHING there is to do.

There are people who love to build complicated spreadsheet formulas.

Some people love crunching numbers.

Some people love writing code.

Some people love working on cars.

Some people love working outside, hanging with their pals on a construction site, or taking care of a garden.

Now I don’t like to do ANY of those things. But to someone else each of those activities is play. To me they are work… and painful.

Interestingly, what I do all day… those same people would probably find dreary and painful. Isn’t that interesting?! That’s how the world works. It’s all part of the “Grand Design.”

Your First Delegation List

So your job is to stick with YOUR job—your strengths, your passion, your genius, your play… and give up everything else.

So here’s a suggested task for you:

Make a list of all the tasks, projects and activities involved with your business goals.

Then go through them and do a gut check with each one.

Does it energize or tire you to think about it?

Those that tire you, your new task is to find someone who plays at that task, someone who is energized doing that task… someone who would love to do that for you.

This will leave you with more time and energy to attack with all your heart, passion and soul those things you love and are great at. Making you a humble, and kick-butt achiever.