This is NOT Farewell…

Last week I shared with you some BIG news as well as revealed the greatest killer to your success. Today, it is apropos that I turn over the reigns on the issue themed personal development and include a clip from my mentor, the man who started me on my grand personal development journey, Mr. Jim Rohn.





This is my gift. A gift that was given to me that I am now thrilled to give to you--every day:

Swimming with the Sharks

“I’m not a scrub pimp… so, I’m out,” Mark Cuban said on the reality TV series Shark Tank where entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to investors (the sharks).

Cuban was the second shark to utter the “I’m out” words behind Robert Herjavec who said he didn’t see “the retail vision” of a smiley-faced sponge called Scrub Daddy.

Suddenly Aaron Krause, the CEO of Scrub Daddy, finds himself as bait in a fierce shark fight.

Shark Daymond John offers to partner with Lori Greiner for 15 percent. “Well here’s the thing,” Lori says. “I don’t need you,” and cuts him out swiftly (ouch!).

Then Kevin O’Leary swims in and slashes both of them off at the fins with a creative finance deal. He proposes a zero percent equity deal (gasp!) for royalties in perpetuity.

Now there’s blood in the water, and a real frenzy ensues... CONTINUE READING


Let’s journey to success everyday, first thing in the morning:

3 Questions Every Business Needs to Ask

Business used to be B to C. Or even B to B to C.
That is no longer. It’s over.

There are no B to C business left on the planet.
They have all been extinguished.

You see, before Producers had control.
They controlled distribution, retail, advertising and their brand narrative.
But today they have not lost control. Technology has, let’s say, exposed the king, and now we see whether he is wearing any pants. The scaling and proliferation of technology has dramatically and swiftly shifted the power base from Producers-in-control to Consumers-in-control. Technology has enabled the network effect to take the reigns of power.

Now consumers are the key influencers for every service and every business on, and off, the web. As Warren Buffett has said... CONTINUE READING


I’m often asked, “Will you be my mentor?” Today my answer is YES:

Things I wish I knew earlier…

How often do you say this yourself:
“Man, if I only learned this earlier in life, think where I’d be now!”

Me? Several times a day!

You probably already know about my mission to prevent mistakes, shorten the learning curve, and accelerate the success of entrepreneurs through The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster.

Besides entrepreneurs, I am also worried about our graduates.

Statistically, they are leaving school with more debt and are less equipped for the modern marketplace than at any time in history.

Get this... graduates are expected to earn less in the next 10-15 years than they did the past 20. What?! That’s terrible!

I am writing you this message to ask you to help me help our graduates.

Over the last several months, I wrote down 10 life lessons I wish I knew earlier in life.
I then recorded them on video in a 10-part series that will be distributed exclusively through DarrenDaily (yes, for f-r-e-e!)

All I want you to do is to help spread the word to every graduate and your friends who know graduates. Really everyone, as these life lessons apply to ALL of us.

Just send them here to register (with your passionate prodding):

If you are already subscribed to DarrenDaily you’ll be receiving them automatically (no need to re-register.)

The series will begin Monday, May 18th.

Here’s a snapshot of what the series will contain:

  • No. 1: Best Advice I Ever Received
  • No. 2: Life’s Most Powerful Influence
  • No. 3: Maximizing Your Youth
  • No. 4: WARNING: Societies Greatest Disease
  • No. 5: The (Brutal) Cliff Notes of Life
  • No. 6: Imprisonment: Break The Shackles
  • No. 7: Activate Your REAL Motivation (no one else will admit this to you)
  • No. 8: How to ‘WOW’ When it Matters
  • No. 9: Life’s Best Decision Filter
  • No. 10: Seeking Advice (and when not to)

I think of the extra millions I could have earned (and the several I wouldn’t have lost!) if I knew 20 years ago what is in these 10 awesome life lessons.

The compound effect of the added influence, power, relationship capital and success I would have gained… if I knew then what I know now. It boggles my mind!

Bottom line, this is the stuff they don’t teach you in school (but should!)

And hey, just to make it clear, this series is not limited to new graduates only.
These are life lessons everyone needs to know (and most still don’t know).

It all starts this Monday, May 18th, but only for my DarrenDaily friends.

If you are not already a DarrenDaily subscriber click here now.

And be a hero! Send this to every high school and college graduate you know.
You are welcome to Facebook, Tweet, LinkedIN, etc. to encourage your friends, family and colleagues to register for this 10-part mini-series on life’s greatest success lessons. I wish I had a friend like you back when!

Life's Greatest Success Lessons



Today I want to let you in on another great truism of success not often discussed.
Are you ready for it?
You sure?

You might not like it.
In fact, I am sure you won’t like it.
Because I don’t.
No great achiever does.
But it is a reality none-the-less.
Here it is... CONTINUE TO POST


Together we will compound and multiply your success through small, consistent daily improvements:

The Secret Source Code of Achievement

Today I am going to give you what I consider THE Secret Source Code of Achievement.
Most people won’t tell you this. Why?

Because one, they don’t know what’s REALLY running their motor. They THINK it’s for all these projected altruistic motives, but the REALITY is it is rooted in something much more raw and profound.

So I ask you, what do you think ignites motivation?
Come on now, I mean the REAL answer—not the cutesy ones written on motivational posters and coffee mugs.
Why do some people try so hard, fight so intensely and strive so vigorously?
Where do they get that passionate drive to achieve?

Are you ready for the truth? You sure? 
Okay, in truth it’s often because they are insecure, needy for attention and overcompensating for feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy... CLICK TO CONTINUE


The BEST of my private findings from all of my research, development & interactions, delivered daily to you:

Freedom and Responsibility

Does the idea of your own death inspire you?
Let me share a story of how it did for this one man:

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning, grabbing your cup of coffee, and opening up the newspaper to find your own obituary.

That’s exactly what happened to Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel in 1888.

Ludvig Nobel, Alfred’s brother, had passed away, but a French newspaper mistakenly thought it was Alfred. They printed Alfred’s obituary instead.

Alfred was an armaments manufacturer and the inventor of dynamite. For his accomplishments, the premature obituary named him the “merchant of death,” holding him responsible for mass destruction and blaming him for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of men.

As Alfred read his own obituary in the paper, he was shocked at the legacy he would one day actually leave behind. He vowed then and there to change it and in effect, rewrite his own obituary. So he decided to leave the bulk of his enormous fortune to establish the now famous Nobel Prizes, awards for those who confer the "greatest benefit on mankind,” as stated in his will.

To this day, the Nobel Prizes are the highest honors that can be attained in the fields of literature, medicine, science, economics, chemistry, and peace.

We think Nobel missed one—achievement. In the February issue of SUCCESS Magazine, we recognize and award the SUCCESS Achiever of the Year prize. We look for the person who has most significantly inspired us through their example of extraordinary success, usually created by navigating some very challenging times. That certainly describes the achievement of... CONTINUE READING

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Dream BIG Dreams

I love this time of the year as it provides us the space to reflect, assess and sketch the blueprints to make our New Year dreams come true.

As you do, I’d like to encourage you to dream bigger dreams and adopt the unstoppable achiever’s mindset.

To help you, let me tell you the story of a young boy starting out with a lot less than you have going for you right now.

You wouldn't think this is the kind of upbringing, nurturing, training and development that would produce one of the most creative minds in history--winning 22 Oscars and 7 Emmy awards from 59 nominations (more than any individual in history) and being honored with the highest civilian award the United States government bestows—the Medal of Freedom.

I think these not only eliminate any excuses you might have, but it will inspire you to consider your own greater potential.

Let’s call this young boy Walter... CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING


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