WOW Beginnings (1 of 2)

In part 1 of this week’s series, I want to talk to you about WOW beginnings—businesses where young entrepreneurs hit it big early.

I want to share one such story with you.
One disclaimer however, I have a certain weakness for the business I am about to share with you…but more on that later.

In the summer of 1978 two friends, lets call them Cohen and Greenfield opened a makeshift ice cream parlor in an abandoned gas station in northern Vermont of all places.  Not perhaps you would think the most ideal location for to sell ice cream.

These two men didn’t start out to become ice cream makers.
They simply stumbled upon it.

The two had been friends since junior high school.
After college Cohen, who had dropped out of college, was trying to become a potter.
Greenfield was attempting to attend medical school.

Unfortunately for them both, and fortunately for the rest of the world, neither was having much luck.  Unhappy with their situations the two decided to team up and start a something together.

After a few considerations they landed on ice cream.
After taking a correspondence course on how to make ice cream and with a mere $12,000 – some from a loan and the rest scrounged together – Cohen and Greenfield were in business...CONTINUE READING


I’m often asked, “Will you be my mentor?” Today my answer is YES:

The Price of Innovation

Sometimes there is a heavy price to pay when dealing with innovations.

Let me share the story of how I first came to learn the price of innovation…

It was a Friday evening in the summer of 1988, and I was sitting at home waiting for my buddy Chuck to call about our plans for the night when my dad walked in after a long day of selling real estate.

Strapped to his shoulder was a large, black bag I didn’t recognize. At first I thought it was a new briefcase, but it was too bulky. Maybe a new piece of luggage? A trumpet? I’d never seen anything like it.

He walked into the kitchen and set the bag down with a thud on the kitchen table. “What’s in the bag?” I asked. “Son,” he said, his voice filled with pride and zeal, “This,” he placed his hand on the case, “This is the future!”...CONTINUE READING