Be a LION (Pt 2 of 2)

Last week in part 1 of this series, I introduced you to Coach K and what makes him a lead lion. Now, I would be doing you a great disservice if I didn’t give you some final coaching on what to do with all you learned here. So today, I am going to do you one better than that.

Let me help summarize and organize the different coaches you want to consider obtaining and what their purpose into a clear and actionable plan for you. I’ll outline them briefly now and then provide a worksheet for you at the end so that you can design and develop your coaching team.

Okay, first of all are your two sets of advisors—your inner circle and your outer circle... GO TO POST


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Be a LION (Pt 1 of 2)

Philip II of Macedon taught his son Alexander the Great,

“An army of deer led by a lion is more to be feared
than an army of lions led by a deer.”

The man you see on the cover of this month’s issue of SUCCESS, coach Mike Krzyzewski, is a lion.

Seven-time NBA All-Star, Grant Hill, recalls his first team meeting as a fresh Duke University basketball team recruit in fall of 1990, “It was an awesome day. I remember being excited, anxious and nervous when Coach K walked in. He paused for a moment to make sure that we were all looking him straight in the eye. And the first thing he said was: ‘We’re going to win the national championship this year.’”

This comment was made after Duke suffered an embarrassing 30-point loss to University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the national championship the year previous. Duke had also lost three starters from the previous year. Grant thought, “Is this man crazy?” As is the lead lion often thought to be... CONTINUE READING


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What Makes a Great Leader? Part 3

To conclude our series on leadership, I feel it only fitting to conclude with another example of one of my greatest leadership heroes.

One of the greatest leaders I think the world witnessed, during our lifetime at least, is Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela's life story has long since become a legend, one that transcends borders, race, language, or culture.

It would be absurd--let alone disrespectful to Mandela's achievements--to suggest that the issues you and I face as a business leader are as grave as apartheid, or that the stresses you and I encounter can ever compare with his decades of imprisonment.

There are three unique attributes Mandela demonstrated during his career that hold lessons for everyone who aspires to be a great leader... CONTINUE READING


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What makes a Great Leader? Part 2

Last week I shared a story of confidence and humility to illustrate the two most important attributes of being a great leader and strengthening the influence you have with others. To continue our theme of leadership, I’m going to share with you further leadership insights from several of my friends who many thousands of people pay big bucks to learn from—Mr. John C. Maxwell, Robin Sharma, and Brian Tracy.

The answers and insights that I will be sharing with you today from each of these world-renowned leadership experts all revolve around these three questions:

1. Who has been the most influential leader in what shaped your teachings on the subject of leadership? And how did they shape your perspective on leadership that you now teach all across the world?

2. When you look at the world today, who stands out as one of the best examples of leadership?

3. If you were to boil it down to the most important quality that makes for an exceptional leader, what would that be?

Up first is SUCCESS columnist and internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, coach and author, Mr. John C. Maxwell... CONTINUE TO INTERVIEW


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What Makes a Great Leader? Part 1

Great leaders are the backbone of our society, the foundation of everything from families, communities, spiritual organizations, major corporations to entire countries.

I’d like to point out what I think are two of the most important attributes of a powerful and influential leader through the example of one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known—Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln did the impossible as a leader.  I am not just talking about reuniting a country ravaged by civil war.  He combined two traits as a leader that are seemingly incompatible – Confidence and Humility.

Let’s start with humility... GO TO FULL POST


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Time to Get Vulnerable

When you hear the term leader, most likely an array of adjectives come to mind. Some may include courageous, strong, powerful, assertive, and so on.

Rarely would you think of vulnerability as a trait equating with leadership. Those within leadership positions in a company may even believe that displaying signs of vulnerability to your team is a sign of weakness. But I’m here to tell you that view is wrong. And they couldn’t be more mistaken.

In reality, vulnerability is a strength.
All great leaders have vulnerability.
So, in order to help you grow into a more powerful and courageous leader, I want you to be vulnerable.

In my interview with Patrick Lencioni in the February issue of SUCCESS, he said, “Start by coming to terms with your own vulnerability as a leader and then translate that to your team and then the rest of the organization.”

This reminds me of something Waldo Waldmen, a good friend of mine, said... CONTINUE TO POST

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