The Life Changing Process of Goal-Setting

In less than 48 hours from now, we will enter into the 2015. 
And while many people will be considering making a new year’s intention (and ultimately fail!), I want you to be the success minded achiever that you are and set your BHAG - Big Hairy Audacious Goal - for the year.

Here’sWHY goal setting is important to you having the best year ever this 2015:
Years ago when I attended the funeral of Paul J. Meyer, I was reminded how full, rich and diverse a life he led. He achieved, experienced and contributed more than the lives of the average 20 people combined. Reading his obituary made me reassess the speed, quantity and sheer size of the goals I want to set for myself.

If Paul were here he would tell you, the reason for the quality and quantity of his successes came down to one skill: setting, sticking to and staying committed to BIG goals. In fact he wrote one of the first programs on the topic called "The Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting." A couple of ideas I'll share with you come from my studies and practices of this program.

The Two Common Traits of Superachievers
I am often asked what common traits I observe as I interview and get to know many of today’s superachievers. The answer is easy because those common factors are shared by nearly 100 percent of top achievers. They are... CLICK TO CONTINUE

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Don’t Stumble at the Starting Line

Have you made New Year’s resolutions or set goals before and failed?

Have you entered a new year beating your chest and proclaiming your magnificent transformation from every mountaintop only to have it dwindle to a whimper by the time January gets torn off the calendar?

What went wrong?

In my experience, there are about a half a dozen ways you can trip yourself up right at the start. Let me help you avoid these common trip-ups:

1. Too Many, Too Much
You try to tackle too many goals, change too many ingrained behaviors and attempt too much too quickly. Look, you have probably been building, developing and reinforcing a poor habit for 10, 20, 30, maybe even 40-plus years. Breaking one poor habit and trying to install a single new success habit is tough enough (and worth it). If you try to do too many, you won’t do any.

2. Too Tough, Too Soon
Remember Richard from The Compound Effect? He had never worked out in his life, but then started working out 2.5 hours a day, 5 days a week. I told him to back it down to 45 minutes, 3 days a week—something he could maintain for the next 50 years. He swore up and down he could maintain this and was committed to his new plan. By the time the book went to press, he had just started this program. Guess how long he works out, and how many days a week today? Zero and zero. He set himself up to fail and he did. Don’t be a Richard.

3. Too Hardcore
Is there such thing as too much discipline? Yes and yes. Yes, if you want to have any levity, fun and joy in life. And yes, particularly in the beginning of a transformation. Too much discipline too quickly will send your emotional and psychic system into... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.


Are feeling a little bummed or even disappointed in where you are in life right now?

Did you think you would be doing a little bit better and be a little further along in life by now?Are you a little down on yourself about how you have let your body go… or your relationships wane a bit… or maybe you're frustrated about the fact you aren’t doing better in your job or business... or you haven't been the parent you wanted to be?

Maybe it’s even worse and you have recently filed for bankruptcy… or maybe you are recently divorced or just suffered a heart attack or some other serious health condition?

If so, it’s time for a turning point.

You’ve probably heard the definition of insanity—doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. You’re not insane are you? If you want the next year to be different than the last year, then now is the time to do something different.

Here is a very inspiring realization: No matter what your past has been, you have a spotless future.

When you wake up tomorrow the canvas of your life is blank. You can paint a completely different picture tomorrow than you have ever painted before. Your past does not equal your future. You can hit the reset button to your life at any time. I want to suggest you hit it today.I want to help you. I can show you how to achieve in a few months what it takes others an entire lifetime to achieve. If you’ve got the ambition and the passion to radically redesign your future


Do you want to make THIS year the year you not only set big goals, but actually achieve them?

What if there was a system that would materialize any goal you wanted? What goals would you declare for 2011?

I can tell you from personal experience, there is such a system.

I spent much of 2010 analyzing my own practices and processes as well as collecting up all the best I have discovered on human motivation, commitment, consistency and performance. This mixed with my personal goal achievement system that has enabled me to earn millions of dollars in a multitude of different industries. I am excited to announce that now this same system is available to you.

As you know by now there is a huge difference between goal setting and goal achieving. Many set goals, few achieve them. To set goals you need piece of paper and a pencil. To achieve goals you need a system of execution and performance--on that will guide you ever step of the way, all year-long. That is what I have designed for you in the Living Your Best Year Ever system. In the beautiful 240-page leather bound journal includes:
  • Instructional Guide walking you through the entire process
  • Life Assessment Worksheets
  • Goal Designing Formula and Program
  • A complete 52-Week, 12-Month and 4-Quarter Achievement Management System (key!)
  • Personal Development Training for Sustained Achievement
  • PLUS an accompanying 4-CD audio program with exclusive content
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And I hope you have enjoyed this series and mostly I hope that it has been valuable in helping you live the best year of your life (thus far!) in 2011. I can't wait to read the stories of how some of you use the ideas to achieve great goals in the year ahead.

Share and proclaim your Big Hairy Audacious Goals for 2011 with the community. Tell us in the comments on the blog. Go to blog now


I promised you in the last video I would explain the process of how goal setting, and far more important, goal ACHIEVING actually works. This is the mystery of the ‘secret’ REVEALED.

This is how the Law of Attraction really works. It is not some mysterious, esoteric voodoo, as it sometimes sounds like, as it is being described. It’s far simpler and more practical than that.

By the end you will say… "Ah, I get it." And, "Now... I know how to make it work."

More good stuff to discover in this video:
  • What 3 boys out hiking can teach you about kicking butt in a competition.
  • 5 BIG reasons why most goal setting attempts fail, miserably. Don't make these mistakes. Ouch! And costly.
  • Oh, and what Reggie Hammond (as played by Eddie Murphy) can teach you about proclaiming your goals.
In the next (and final... don't be sad) video I will show you how to I can help navigate you through all the potential pitfalls to insure you have the precise formula for achieving the boldest goals and wildest ambitions you can dream up.


Do you remember all the big dreams you had when you were younger?

Dreams so exciting that you could barely wait to grow up so you could pursue them. You had those dreams for a reason—your inner potential was casting a vision of what is possible for you.

Somewhere along the travels, trials and tribulations of life you either forgot your goals, got distracted, or believed others who’d already lost their dream, and convinced yourself that yours wasn’t possible either.

I want to help you rekindle those dreams and show you they’re not only possible, but attainable. I want to show you the path that will lead you directly and expeditiously to them.

I also want help you answer some life-changing questions—what’s your grander purpose in life? What really motivates and ignites your passion? What will keep that passion burning long enough for you to achieve your wildest, most outrageous goals?

In the second video (if you missed: video #1) of our Living Your Best Year Ever series, I will discuss those issues as well as:
  • A secret I know about you... esp. if you finish watching this video!
  • Radically speeding up your achievements
  • The 2 most common traits of today's greatest super-achievers
  • A specific plan to multiply your results by 10X