Break the Shackles (Pt 2 of 2)

Last week I discussed the harsh reality that you are not free until you are debt-free.
To continue our theme on financial freedom, I want to give you my 3 key steps to finally breaking the financial shackles that might be restraining your freedom.

I was taught early on that if you can’t afford it in cash, you can’t have it, period.

I use a credit card primarily for tracking and mileage reward incentives, but it is completely paid for each cycle.

I never revolve credit. That’s a fool’s game... GO TO POST


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Break the Shackles (Pt 1 of 2)

This week I want to focus on the topic of financial freedom.
Because let’s face it, most of us are NOT financially free.

Let me cut right to it: if you are in debt you are enslaved.

You might not like that statement, but unfortunately it’s true.

If anyone has claim to you by way of debt, you don’t own your own life and destiny... CONTINUE TO POST


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How to BECOME Wealthy

Aside from temporary setbacks and extraordinary fortunes of inheritance or luck, if you want to know how people feel about themselves, look at their bank accounts.

MONEY is the greatest measurement of one’s mindset.

This is probably why there is so much emotion and neurosis tied to people’s relationship with money. That is why I say if you want to fix your money problems, get your head examined. It’s your attitude about money that will rake it in or repel it from you. Your money, and your mentality about it is what we are going to focus on in this 2 part series. I am going to help you Look Within so you don’t Go Without.

In the book The Instant Millionaire by Mark Fisher, the old millionaire asks the boy who has sought his advice, “Why aren’t you rich already?”
Hey, that’s a good question to ask yourself.




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Rich Habits

Last week I shared with you the two Money Making Rules that I live and thrive by.
To continue our theme of wealth, I’ve picked my favorite ½ dozen rich habits.

Now let’s create a 30 day Get Rich Campaign:

Just for 30 days, exercise the habits of a rich person.
Just 30, after that you can go back to poor habits if you like, but only for 30… until the next issue of SUCCESS Magazine hits your mailbox, try on these habits.

You in?

Okay… the first habit is: ...CLICK TO READ MORE

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The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster—Why Now is the Time To #JoinTheRide

I’ve been working on it for over a year and I am really really excited about it.
The main purpose of the book is to help onboard 10 million more entrepreneurs.
You see most new entrepreneurs fail because they are unprepared for the emotional roller coaster they will experience.

So this book warns, prepares and equips them to be emotionally bullet proof.
It also teaches them the essential skills for entrepreneurial success: sales, recruiting (top talent), leadership (culture of performance) and personal productivity.

I think you are going to really love it, but even more importantly I think it is going to encourage many more people to make the leap into entrepreneurship… and not only survive now, but thrive. We’ll be releasing more information soon, but be on the lookout—it’s going to be a fun ride!



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Money Making Rules

When it comes to making money, there are two rules I live by.
Lucky for me, I learned them both when I was 12.

I suppose I was like any red blooded twelve-year-old boy—I dreamed of one day owning a Ferrari. I didn’t deck my bedroom walls with posters of movies, celebrities, athletes or outer space; I had four Ferrari posters—all cherry red.

One day after school I walked into my house to see my dad’s mentor, business partner and former college football coach sitting at the kitchen table with my father. He had seen my small shrine to the Red Beauty in my room and asked, “A Ferrari huh? Have you figured out how you are going to get one?”

“Um, no.” I replied with twelve-year-old feigned disinterest. “Well you better get to work if you want one of those bad boys.” I explained that I was working – I mowed a couple lawns on the street and picked up straggler nails at a local construction site for a penny a piece.

“How much you earning in a week?” Coach asked. “$25,” I responded, bragging.
Coach let out a guffaw. “At that rate, you’ll be a corpse behind the wheel! You need to make more money, faster!”  “But how?” I asked.

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Let’s journey to success everyday, first thing in the morning:


In the last post I promised to give you an investment tip of a lifetime. Ready for it?

I received this investment tip originally from Brian Tracy more than 15 years ago and it has produced a personal ROI (Return On Investment) of many millions of dollars.

This was the pitch Brian gave me:
For every $1 you invest in ___________________, it will return $30 to your bottom line.”

That’s 30 to 1!

Even if you are the most experienced investor, where can you get a nearly guaranteed 3000% (or greater, depending on your allocation) on your money?

Compare it to these investment returns over the past several years:
S&P 500: 1.65%
Dow Jones Industrial: 29.49%
Real Estate: -19.47
Bonds: 8.19%
U.S. Treasury: 16.36%

3000% looks better, eh?

Okay, here’s the “insider” investment tip:
Invest in YOU… and your greater personal development.

I’m not just being clever here. I’m serious (and so was Brian).

This is what Jim Rohn taught me long ago:
“Income seldom exceeds personal development.”
Therein lies the key to growing your income—growing yourself.

Let me explain and then I will give you the investment formula Brian Tracy gave to me 15 years ago that earned me millions… CLICK HERE TO READ REST OF POST


In the last post we discovered the great sabotaging factor of your greater wealth (hint, it’s in the mirror). In this post I will suggest a few tools to help you get your finances back on the yellow brick road toward your pot of financial gold.

Most people’s financial life is like a runaway stagecoach, meaning they are completely out of control. Maybe even speedily heading in the wrong direction. And maybe headed for a cliff… without even knowing it.

So just like a runaway stagecoach, there are two very important things to do to regain control.

ONE: Get a Grip.

You have to first locate and grasp the reins. I find it shocking how few people have a financial budget—an accurate knowledge of what their monthly expenses and spending patterns are.

A Princeton research study reported less than 4 in 10 do. The other 60% have no idea how they are spending their money month to month (gasp!). Do you know? Right now, can you tell me what your total monthly expenses are?

If not, start grasping for your two reins now:


Get really clear on where it is all going. You might not even be aware of some of the leaks you have in your financial boat… or how small expenditures are adding up to big pitfalls. So, to find out where the leaks are and to promptly plug them, start tracking your spending.

Two tools I recommend: Quicken and/or I have found to be extremely helpful in being able to easily, automatically and visually see where my finances are flowing and how my net worth is growing—week to week and month to month, from anywhere in the world—as it is stored on the Cloud.


How much are you worth right now? If you don’t know off the top of your head, it isn’t good, and might be why your stagecoach has been traveling in the wrong direction.

Are you even sure what completes a personal financial statement and how to estimate your (true) net worth? If not, start there. If it hasn’t been updated recently, update it. To make this simple for you here is the personal financial statement template I use. It will guide you through the totaling up of your (accurate) current net worth.

TWO: Steer in the Right Direction

Now, like a runaway stagecoach, once you have a grip on the reins, it’s time to yank on them in the direction you actually want the stagecoach to go.

The next step is to... CLICK HERE TO READ REST OF POST (also special Jim Rohn clip on post!)


When I asked a friend, who was wearing his smile upside down, what was troubling him, that was his answer, “Money, money, money!”

Seems to be the same answer if you ask what’s troubling Wall Street, the housing market, the unemployment rate, political campaigns, charitable endeavors, corporate quarterly earnings, small-business startups and the strife between husband and wife: Money, money, money!

So, let’s talk about it.

Money—love it or hate it, you need it. Best you get buddy-buddy with it. Promptly.

Aside from temporary setbacks and extraordinary fortunes of inheritance or luck, if you want to know how someone feels about himself or herself—look at their bank account.

If you want to know how someone feels about himself or herself—look at their bank account.

Money is one of the greatest measurements of one’s mindset. As Jim Rohn says, “Your net worth will seldom exceed your self worth.” This is probably why there is so much emotion and psychosis tied to people’s relationship with money. It can be very revealing.

Thus, if you want to fix your money problems, get your head examined.

It’s your mindset and attitude about money that will either draw it in to you… or repel it away from you.

What’s in Your Head Determines What’s in Your Wallet

In this three-part series, I am going to help you acquire the attitude and mindset of financial abundance.

If you want more money, here is where to look… within… or it is likely to become self-evident that you will go without.

In the book The Instant Millionaire by Mark Fisher, the old millionaire asks the boy who has sought his advice about becoming a millionaire, "Why aren't you rich already?"

That is a good question to ask yourself. You live in an era of unprecedented wealth and opportunity. It has never been easier, and more people have become wealthy in the last 20 years than during any other time in human history. Why haven’t you?

Your answer to this question will reveal a lot about yourself. Your answers will expose your excuses, rationalizations, justifications and maybe some self-limiting beliefs, doubts and fears.

Hey, remember, you don’t read this blog for me to take it easy on you and to skirt around the issue. I think you appreciate me giving it to you straight, right?

It’s time to reprogram your mental hard drive. One of the greatest limitations to achieving financial abundance is... CLICK HERE TO READ REST OF POST