Swimming with the Sharks

“I’m not a scrub pimp… so, I’m out,” Mark Cuban said on the reality TV series Shark Tank where entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to investors (the sharks).

Cuban was the second shark to utter the “I’m out” words behind Robert Herjavec who said he didn’t see “the retail vision” of a smiley-faced sponge called Scrub Daddy.

Suddenly Aaron Krause, the CEO of Scrub Daddy, finds himself as bait in a fierce shark fight.

Shark Daymond John offers to partner with Lori Greiner for 15 percent. “Well here’s the thing,” Lori says. “I don’t need you,” and cuts him out swiftly (ouch!).

Then Kevin O’Leary swims in and slashes both of them off at the fins with a creative finance deal. He proposes a zero percent equity deal (gasp!) for royalties in perpetuity.

Now there’s blood in the water, and a real frenzy ensues... CONTINUE READING


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The Future of Sales

Last week I shared with you my most painful defeat when it came to my time in sales. Today, I want to put you up on your tippy toes and give you a look into the future, the distant future, and in these times, that means a whole 5 years out.

Much of this comes from this prophetic advice and counsel comes from sales pro Tom Searcy, founder of Hunt Big Sales whom you heard me interview on the SUCCESS Magazine CD back in September of 2014.

Let’s take a look into the crystal ball shall we, so you know how to adapt, change, improve and evolve.

Here are the 3 biggest changes you will see:

#1: There will be fewer traditional salespeople
The market forces of digitization, mobilization, and purchasing governance are going to dramatically change the ways in which buying and selling occur. This will transform the role of the traditional sales person and diminish the need for that position. That does not mean that there will be fewer jobs per se in the world of revenue generation, but those jobs will be different than that from what we now call "sales."

Here's why: ... CONTINUE READING.


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Closing Your Biggest Sale

The theme for today’s post is conquering your marketplace through sales.
To help you better understand the key elements of the sales process I started going through the catalog of the biggest sales I have ever made.

I’ve made a lot of sales, but what was the biggest?
Then it hit me!
It was selling this smart, elegant, loving and stunningly beautiful Brazilian woman to marry THIS crazy red headed guy.

The sales presentation I used on her is the same format you can use to sell most anything to anyone. Because trust me, it was a sale that was way above my head and pay grade.

So let me share that formula with you.
I think it might help you in your own sales efforts for whatever, or whomever, you are trying to sell... CONTINUE READING

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