How to Build A Billion-Dollar Business

want tell you how to build a Billion-Dollar Business.
Oh, you don’t think you are capable or qualified to build a billion dollar business?
Well that thought is incorrect.

You see, success is an equal opportunist.
Success is blind to things like gender, age, race and especially background.
Some of the wealthiest and most successful people you know or have heard of come from a background filled with hardships and even poverty.

That’s the American Dream, right?
Start with nothing, end with everything you could possibly dream of. There are quite a few examples of people I could pinpoint who have lived the American Dream and left their mark on the world, most you have probably heard of. This is one you might not be as familiar with... CONTINUE READING


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Trying to be more successful can be stressful, am I right?

It seems the bigger your goals, the greater your ambition... also the greater your stress.

I lived most of my life like that: Big goals… and big stress.

But after spending time with many of the world’s greatest achievers I discovered something…
They don’t.

Some of the most relaxed, present and attentive people I’ve met are the ones with the biggest responsibilities and the big ‘B’ next to their net worth.

How do they do it (all)?

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The series will begin Monday, November 2nd.

Here’s a sneak peak of just of few of the topics we will cover:

  • Your #1 Asset as a Business
  • How to Win Every Time
  • The Most important Skill you need to learn
  • How to DOUBLE your productivity
  • The Greatest Secret of the Rich
  • ...and much, much more!

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“Holy Productivity Batman!”

Last week I discussed how you could activate your productivity superpowers by turning on your Stress and Pressure response signals. This week, I want to give you further tips on how to put your superpowers into high gear so you can kick major butt when it comes to your arch nemesis Procrastination.

So let me ask you this, where would Batman be without Robin? Maverick without Goose? Sherlock Holmes without Watson? Hey, even Hans Solo without Chewbacca? My point being, we need to find you a sidekick. A productivity butt-kicking one at that!
You will be amazed at how much more time and energy you have in the day when you can delegate your lower priority tasks and hone in your focus on your most vital priorities (MVPs).

If you’ve read The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, you are familiar with my story about Maggie, and how much of a rockstar she is at what she does. Maggie is the one that keeps everything running smoothly. And today, I want to help you find your “Maggie.”

Here are the best practices I have learned in hiring virtual and local superhero sidekicks to help me stay focused on high-value functions in my unique strength zone... CONTINUE READING


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The Secret to Winning (Pt 3 of 3)

Continuing our series How to Win Anything, before you even begin, I want to conclude with one of my most important ritual that I do before every BIG keynote presentation and speaking engagement.

These 6 steps, if implemented, will help you live up to the potential of being a true Rock Star Presenter.  (Go here if you missed Part 1 or Part 2)

So here are the half-dozen rituals I do, by routine, before every keynote presentation.




10 Life Lessons I wish I Learned Earlier... 
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The Secret to Winning (Pt 2 of 3)


Last week I discussed Michael Phelps’ Olympic Gold Medal winning strategy—preparation. To conclude our theme of winning, I promised to share with you the preparation strategies I use to help me perform under pressure and deliver my best in big game situations.

Let’s start with my pre-day routine.
This routine ensures I am ready in spirit, body and mind every day I tackle the day.
Here are the ½ dozen things I do:




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The Secret to Winning (Pt 1 of 3)


Let me tell you How to Win Anything, before you even begin.

I’ve learned in studying great performers—athletes, entertainers, artists, business leaders—that the difference between good performance and spectacular performance is in their preparation.

In fact, extraordinary performance is possible only through extraordinary preparation.
Most often the performance outcome has been decided before the performance even begins. This is also true for you—before a big meeting or presentation and before you clock in at the office.

Extraordinary performance is possible only
through extraordinary preparation.

The greatest-ever Olympian, with 22 medals, including 18 gold, now-retired Michael Phelps, was known for his rigorous training and consistent pre-race routine. Phelps can teach us a lot when it comes to preparing for our gold-medal races in the marketplace... CONTINUE READING



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Freedom and Responsibility

Does the idea of your own death inspire you?
Let me share a story of how it did for this one man:

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning, grabbing your cup of coffee, and opening up the newspaper to find your own obituary.

That’s exactly what happened to Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel in 1888.

Ludvig Nobel, Alfred’s brother, had passed away, but a French newspaper mistakenly thought it was Alfred. They printed Alfred’s obituary instead.

Alfred was an armaments manufacturer and the inventor of dynamite. For his accomplishments, the premature obituary named him the “merchant of death,” holding him responsible for mass destruction and blaming him for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of men.

As Alfred read his own obituary in the paper, he was shocked at the legacy he would one day actually leave behind. He vowed then and there to change it and in effect, rewrite his own obituary. So he decided to leave the bulk of his enormous fortune to establish the now famous Nobel Prizes, awards for those who confer the "greatest benefit on mankind,” as stated in his will.

To this day, the Nobel Prizes are the highest honors that can be attained in the fields of literature, medicine, science, economics, chemistry, and peace.

We think Nobel missed one—achievement. In the February issue of SUCCESS Magazine, we recognize and award the SUCCESS Achiever of the Year prize. We look for the person who has most significantly inspired us through their example of extraordinary success, usually created by navigating some very challenging times. That certainly describes the achievement of... CONTINUE READING

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Dream BIG Dreams

I love this time of the year as it provides us the space to reflect, assess and sketch the blueprints to make our New Year dreams come true.

As you do, I’d like to encourage you to dream bigger dreams and adopt the unstoppable achiever’s mindset.

To help you, let me tell you the story of a young boy starting out with a lot less than you have going for you right now.

You wouldn't think this is the kind of upbringing, nurturing, training and development that would produce one of the most creative minds in history--winning 22 Oscars and 7 Emmy awards from 59 nominations (more than any individual in history) and being honored with the highest civilian award the United States government bestows—the Medal of Freedom.

I think these not only eliminate any excuses you might have, but it will inspire you to consider your own greater potential.

Let’s call this young boy Walter... CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING


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Be Relentless (pt 2 of 2)

In last week’s post, I shared with you my interview with Tim Grover, author of  Relentless – From Good to Great to Unstoppable. 

In the interview, he goes over the topic of the cleaner and how in a cleaner’s mind, there is NO failure.

Let me re-read you Tim’s definition of a “cleaner”. 

Ready? Okay, here goes: A cleaner is an individual who keeps... CLICK TO CONTINUE


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Be Relentless (pt 1 of 2)

Have you ever worked with someone that just seemed unstoppable – that no matter what happened, they kept pushing forward towards their goal?

And you watched and you wondered how they did it – how they were so driven, so relentless in their determination. In today’s post we're gonna find out what it takes for each of us to be  relentless.

I interviewed Tim Grover for an issue of SUCCESS. Tim is the CEO and Owner of Attack Athletics. He has set the standard for elite training and excellence in sports performance worldwide. He has trained Hall of Famers and champions such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade and hundreds of others. He is also the best-selling author of the book, "Relentless – From Good to Great to Unstoppable."

First off incase you are anything like me or have suffered some of the same self-criticisms I have, I’d like to reflect on a few things that struck me when I read Tim Grover’s book Relentless ...CLICK HERE TO READ REST OF POST


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