Living Your Best Year Ever: A Proven System for
Achieving BIG Goals

Have you ever wondered why it looks so easy for some people to achieve their goals?

They get ahead faster and accomplish more than you, even though you work harder, longer and seemingly smarter. It’s frustrating, right? Darren Hardy, SUCCESS magazine publisher and author of The Compound Effect, wants to make you one of those people. It’s possible! You just have to have the system for achievement.

Living Your Best Year Ever outlines the specific plan that Darren developed for himself, synthesizing hundreds of books, seminars, trials, errors and victories into the best and proven strategies on how to design, execute, stick to and achieve big goals.

With Living Your Best Year Ever, you’ll receive a 226-page journal-bound book describing the eight steps for achieving your Big Hairy Audacious Goals, plus:
● An instructional guide
● Life Assessment worksheets
● Goal Designing Program
● Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Achievement Management System

And the best part is, you can start anytime. The achievement management system is designed so that you can begin Living Your Best Year Ever during any week in any month of any year!

PLUS, the accompanying 4-CD AUDIO PROGRAM contains exclusive content consisting of advanced personal-development training for sustained achievement in Darren’s own words.

testimonial author
“...experiencing measurable change.”
J. Angel Ortiz Jr.
”Thanks to the newly adopted ideas, I have started internalizing from Insane Productivity and Living Your Best Year Ever, we're experiencing measurable change. I hope this brings me one step closer to attending the HIGH-PERFORMANCE FORUM someday!”
testimonial author
“Changed. My. Life.”
Michelle DeSpain
”The Living Your Best Year Ever program…Changed. My. Life. And for that, I cannot thank Darren enough...He played an integral role in my new life story. I am forever grateful.”
testimonial author
“In just 6 business improved vastly.”
Hannah Gregory
”LOVE the best year ever book... In just 6 months of completing the weekly activity tracker results in my business improved vastly, all key areas of my life improved on the scores, and I feel at peace and happy... THANK YOU DARREN!! You are a LEGEND!”
testimonial author
“You won't want stop. I promise!””
Flor Mazeda
”I started Living Your Best Year Ever three years ago, and although I fall off the wagon sometimes, my LYBYE journal is a constant companion. I'm on my third one!
This is one ongoing practice, you won't want stop. I promise!”