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Unleash your most productive self when you learn the strategies used by today’s elite achievers.


Leverage Darren’s proven workflows, daily method of operation systems, and proprietary tools to acheive rapid results.


3X your productivity or send in your first four module worksheets within 30 days for a 100% refund.



“My results were that my income and my clientele doubled in that one month. I would recommend this because it totally works!``

‐ Anasuya Boden

“Insane Productivity has transformed both what I can achieve in business and my personal life. It’s helped to propel me into a high level career, has taught me to focus on what is important, and has changed my overall attitude toward what I can accomplish in life. This is a critical piece of attaining high levels of SUCCESS!``

‐ Britt Knapp

“From day one I knew I was getting value for my money, for my investment. I've already made my money back three-fold!...Darren, you are more than generous with your time and your ideas and concepts. If I had to do it all over again, I'd pay twice what I paid!``

‐ Bruce Corkhill

“It's totally transformed my business. We've doubled our business this month. We've increased our business next year by at least six times. My goals are bigger than I've ever thought for the business. My eyes have opened up to a bigger picture of what's possible!``

‐ David Keen

“The results have definitely been quantifiable. That has significantly increased my confidence, which has allowed me to get higher paying work. And that has gone about doubling my cashflow...I would absolutely recommend anyone to take this course if they're looking to go and improve their results, improve their performance in all areas of life, to reduce their stress, and to be able to have a system in place to be able to produce high performance results.``

‐ Garrett Krahn

“I would unconditionally recommend this program...because this is a life changing course! It has changed my life, from my health to my job to my time management. It's just incredible. And I recommend it to every single person.``

‐ Raj Kapur

“This is the first program that actually makes me take massive actions. I get a tremendous amount of ``clicks`` and ``aha!``s, so I have to scream ``this is insane!`` from time to time. I organize my life way better than 9 weeks ago (I'm at module 9), and finally, finally I get real feeling of being myself. Not anyone else's version of me, MY version of me - what a feeling! Thank you so very much!``

‐ Misako Yanagi

“I only wish I had this program 20 years ago. It blows my mind to think of how much MORE I could have accomplished! But now I have newfound focus and the right tools to be ultimately productive, and I’m so excited and amazed by it! Thank YOU!!!``

‐ Miranda Chaplin

“From INSANE PRODUCTIVITY, I have learned to empower my people, which has freed 4 hours of my day so that I can focus on higher revenue activities, personal development and bigger goals! We have increased our sales, customer retention and satisfaction while at the same time lowering our costs. IP has given me the clarity, focus and tools that will keep on paying back every single day.``

‐ Flor Mazeda

“After I started INSANE PRODUCTIVITY in May 2014, I began to be more productive and more focused. Now, this past March, my income has grown close to 50x! Thank you Darren Hardy! I just love your philosophy that is becoming mine too!!``

‐ Paty Ruiz Campa

“The IP program has made a huge impact on my life! People are noticing the changes and asking me what have I been up to lately...I tell them insane productivity, sanely!!``

‐ Howie Palmer

“Greatest program ever, hands down! Yes the information, yes the delivery...but most of all because it invokes Action! Making me want to make the changes needed and knowing exactly how to do them, track them and enjoy the process.``

‐ John Luxford

“I have reached to a point in my life where I was searching for a Life Transforming program. That is what your program is. It is not just Insane Productivity. I realized that you are helping people to transform their life.``

‐ Grace Keshishyan

“The money I spent on this course was wisely spent. I think this course is the best one I have ever encountered and worth every penny.``

‐ Rob Hitchon

“This has been the most profound, insightful and valuable program. It feels amazing to FINALLY have the simple formula to achieving all you dream of.``

‐ Maurice Malachi

“I have spent thousands of dollars being coached over my 17 year career in real estate. From many high level coaches.This program by far was the best value. The biggest benefit of taking this course for me was the reality of how simple systems put in place can make massive shift in momentum. I started this course and a new life style in eating and detox. I lost 32 pounds in less then 12 weeks along with running my real estate career and generating almost 80k in new income. Thank you Darren Hardy for your leadership.``

‐ John Poulimenos

“I made six figures this year and went on more vacations and worked less than I did in 2013! You have shown me how to work smarter, not harder! You and your team are the greatest inspiration and help I could ever wish for and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!``

‐ Diego Nicholas

“Simply one of the best courses of any kind I have ever participated in. I don't think I've ever looked forward to a new module to be released as much as I am here. Great info, superb delivery.``

‐ John Allen Mollenhauer

“Insane Productivity shook the ground below me and got me to thinking about my unproductive habits and how to change them. It took me further than I've have ever gone before. It upped my game, changed the playing field, and has made me a better person, a more productive person. I KNOW that I won't recognize myself next year and neither will anybody else. And this is so awesome.``

‐ Joanna Glade

“Insane Productivity is an excellent distillation of the tools and resources used by the most successful business minds today, and taken to the next level by Darren Hardy himself. The productivity techniques presented in this program are extremely effective at sharpening one’s focus on high-leverage activities and removing distractions. I highly recommend this program to serious learners who wish to elevate their performance and take their game to the next level.``

‐ Dr. Christopher Croner

“My husband and business partner encouraged me to do IP. While the personal growth was (and is) painful, doing IP has helped me move forward in extremely tangible ways on the journey of becoming my best self in every part of my life``

‐ Holly Lasky

“It has completely changed my life in every aspect. I have switched jobs from a leading agent to a B2B position. After I reach certain guidelines, I can become an owner of my own company and make 5x what my BHAG was for this year, which I wouldn't have done if it wasn't for this program. Got my mindset focused in the right direction.``

‐ Nick Doria

“The INSANE PRODUCTIVITY program has transformed my life in so many different ways; it has given me the confidence to branch out into a new venture ( which will triple my income this year), it has shown me how to eliminate little distractions that add up, and it has given me the insight to have laser focus on the consistent behaviors that make up my rainmaking skills.``

‐ Joe Hughes

“The I.P. Program far surpassed my expectations. I've learned and applied so many of the tactics in the program. Next week, I will begin Module One again, as I'm sure I couldn't absorb all the great things you taught us the first time through.``

‐ Michael Mingoia

“The program has been an eye opener. Very insightful and worth more than every dollar I invested in this.``

‐ Manoj Chugani

“So inspired and energized! Through Insane Productivity, I am making a greater difference in the lives of those around me.``

‐ Jill McGregor Kelly

“Since starting Insane Productivity, I have tripled my business income, my confidence has skyrocketed, and I have minimized my distraction time significantly. The productivity really is insane!!!``

‐ Lindsay Shearer

“WOW! No other single word comes to mind right now. Since starting the program, I have increased my business team by over 125%… and my BIG, HAIRY AUDACIOUS goal is coming to life!!!!``

‐ Donna Wood

“It is brilliant that we have continued access to the material. This course has caused me to enjoy greater success by being more focused. Leaders are learners, and I am loving this course!``

‐ Tony Lynch

“If you want an incredible, life transforming training, to expand your personal growth or business, I recommend Insane Productivity! 12 weeks of video and audio training that maintains an incredible personal feel!``

‐ Kelly and Kevin Kirchoff

“The greatest thing about doing this program has been the re-evaluation of every relationship, every ``time waster``, and every pastime that sucks away the potential for greatness and efficiency in my life. DON'T TOLERATE ANYONE or ANYTHING getting in the way of your potential mastery.``

‐ Melissa Hooper

“I was just told this last month I have tripled my production at work! Wow! It feels great to hear the INSANE Productivity is kicking in already!``

‐ Kian Mokhbery

“This was the greatest personal journey I have ever been on. I literally absorbed life-changing habits. Thank you so much Darren!``

‐ Ian Bowdish

“Wow I had no idea what I was signing up for when I enrolled in IP! It's even better than what I imagined! The revelations I'm getting and the wisdom is life changing and certainly changing the course of my life! And in a direction I wanted but didn't know how nor did I believe it was truly possible for me!``

‐ Sandra D Clark