21st Century Leadership: Learning to lead, influence and empower a team to high performance in these fast-changing, ever-evolving times.

The core attributes for effective leadership have changed. How do you lead in today’s fast-moving and ever-evolving times? Learn the attributes and skills necessary to lead a dynamic team made up of five generations.

Key Lessons:
● The essential strategies to recruiting the people you want and getting them to perform as you want
● How to get extraordinary achievement from (seemingly) ordinary people
● Uprooting the legacy leadership practices and belief systems that will severely limit your ability to succeed in today’s marketplace
● The No. 1 job of every leader and your key competitive advantage in organizational development
● Successful emotional management of your people
● Becoming a leader who motivates and inspires people to peak performance

Your leaders will get a 180-degree mindset adjustment on the essential qualities of leading by example and demonstration, not lecture or conjecture. They will understand the responsibility and difference-making opportunity associated with leadership. They will leave with the tools to empower them to become influential leaders who build high-performance teams that deliver results—big results.

“Darren’s 21st Century Leadership message is EXACTLY what everyone needs to hear! This message will change your people and your company’s future.”
-Logan Stout, CEO, ID Life.

testimonial author
“The best speakers we've ever had!”
Ray Faltinsky
”Darren was one of the best speakers we’ve ever had at any of our events in more than 18 years! His message is spot-on, his command of the material is awesome and he leaves people with clear, actionable steps to take their business and lives to the next level. We will definitely have him back!”
testimonial author
“Darren is unmatched.”
Greg Provenzano
”Darren's level of preparation and professionalism is unmatched by any of our guest speakers, and we really appreciate the extra effort it took to give such an impactful training. It is certainly not easy to find a speaker who has global appeal; yet we have found that in Darren and he's helped change the lives of our people.”
testimonial author
“Polished, authentic and humorous”
Blake Mallen
”Darren is a rock star. He’s able to relate with all ages, with the polished, authentic and humorous manner that the younger generation really relates to. He knocks it out of the park every time he takes the stage at a ViSalus event.”
testimonial author
“The best I have ever seen!”
Dave Liniger
”I have been attending and teaching seminars for 50 years and it was the best I have ever seen! The information on leadership, goal setting, planning, executing, hiring, firing, etc., was incredible. Darren is the best!”