Productivity Strategies of Superachievers: How Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump and others produce far more in less time than the rest of us

From the thousands of printed pages and hundreds of hours of personal interviews with today’s most extraordinary achievers, Success Mentor Darren Hardy identifies the 3 distinctions that make the difference between being an overwhelmed, overworked and over-scheduled overachiever and being a superachiever who produces extraordinary results with less effort, less stress in less time, leaving lots of time to experience your family and the joys of life.

Key Lessons:
● The specific productivity strategies of Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Kenneth Cole, Richard Branson and Nike CEO Mark Parker.
● Understanding your Vital Signs of strategic productivity.
● Mastering your Vital Functions and core fundamentals to extraordinary achievement.
● The key to staying focused and eliminating your addiction to distraction.
● How to get yourself (and others) to DO what we know we should do—finally.
● Developing the key success habits to dramatically increase your success.
● Finding and keeping your motivation to stay consistent in the disciplines needed to succeed—long term.

Audience members will leave with some rarely known and insightful tips and strategies drawn from the most successful achievers in the world that they can immediately apply to their own business and life to significantly improve their productivity and results.

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Jerry Meek
”Inviting Darren to speak with us was the obvious (and very best) choice! He delivered on every expectation and hope that we had to create a game-changing event. Words cannot begin to express the amount of gratitude we feel because of Darren's visit and as a result of the words he shared through Productivity Strategies of Superachievers...”
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“Still receiving emails of thanks and praise...”
Asma Ishaq
”There are few people in the world who are genuinely changing the direction of someone’s life in every action they take—Darren is one of them. I’m still receiving emails of thanks and praise for Darren's presentation. We have had the busiest sales week in our company’s history due to all of the excitement and action in the field right now!”
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“Compelling, inspiring, and motivating...”
Todd Duncan
”In more than 20 years of hosting the Sales Mastery Event and hiring hundreds of speakers, there has never been a more compelling, inspiring and motivating experience than the one Darren gave us this year. His presentations were unbelievable! Darren's passion, energy, enthusiasm and content are second to none.”
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“The best I have ever seen!”
Dave Liniger
”I have been attending and teaching seminars for 50 years and it was the best I have ever seen! The information on leadership, goal setting, planning, executing, hiring, firing, etc., was incredible. Darren is the best!”