The X-Factor for Success: How to create a culture of personal growth and high performance

What separates those who end up on the cover of SUCCESS magazine from everyone else? What do today’s most celebrated achievers study, practice and do that defines their extraordinary success? Success Mentor Darren Hardy reveals the three core strategies they use to outsmart, outcompete and outdo everyone else. Learn and apply these strategies and you can too!

Key Lessons:
● How high-producing leaders create a culture of performance and personal growth for themselves and within their organizations.
● Productivity strategies used to multiply results in compressed time.
● Understanding how to build and sustain the enigmatic and unbeatable power of momentum.
● Empowering people to embrace and celebrate failure on their pathway to success.

Audience members will leave understanding that to improve their results in life they need to improve themselves through a specific and actionable plan.

testimonial author
“Impacted by his message.``
Shawn McLelland
”Darren did an outstanding job. I think the ultimate flattery is the response of our stage crew—who listens to hundreds of speeches at these events and rarely offer their opinions. However, every time Darren speaks, many of them come up to me or email to tell me how much they were impacted by his message.”
testimonial author
“‘Bar none’ the best training!”
Arthur Napolitano
”Darren's presentation was ‘bar none’ the best training I’ve ever experienced in my 21-year direct selling career. I wasn’t only impressed; I was inspired and motivated to elevate my own game on many levels.”
testimonial author
“Polished, authentic and humorous”
Blake Mallen
”Darren is a rock star. He’s able to relate with all ages, with the polished, authentic and humorous manner that the younger generation really relates to. He knocks it out of the park every time he takes the stage at a ViSalus event.”
testimonial author
“The best I have ever seen!”
Dave Liniger
”I have been attending and teaching seminars for 50 years and it was the best I have ever seen! The information on leadership, goal setting, planning, executing, hiring, firing, etc., was incredible. Darren is the best!”