Be a LION (Pt 2 of 2)

Last week in part 1 of this series, I introduced you to Coach K and what makes him a lead lion. Now, I would be doing you a great disservice if I didn’t give you some final coaching on what to do with all you learned here. So today, I am going to do you one better than that.

Let me help summarize and organize the different coaches you want to consider obtaining and what their purpose into a clear and actionable plan for you. I’ll outline them briefly now and then provide a worksheet for you at the end so that you can design and develop your coaching team.

Okay, first of all are your two sets of advisors—your inner circle and your outer circle... GO TO POST


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Things I wish I knew earlier…

How often do you say this yourself:
“Man, if I only learned this earlier in life, think where I’d be now!”

Me? Several times a day!

You probably already know about my mission to prevent mistakes, shorten the learning curve, and accelerate the success of entrepreneurs through The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster.

Besides entrepreneurs, I am also worried about our graduates.

Statistically, they are leaving school with more debt and are less equipped for the modern marketplace than at any time in history.

Get this... graduates are expected to earn less in the next 10-15 years than they did the past 20. What?! That’s terrible!

I am writing you this message to ask you to help me help our graduates.

Over the last several months, I wrote down 10 life lessons I wish I knew earlier in life.
I then recorded them on video in a 10-part series that will be distributed exclusively through DarrenDaily (yes, for f-r-e-e!)

All I want you to do is to help spread the word to every graduate and your friends who know graduates. Really everyone, as these life lessons apply to ALL of us.

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The series will begin Monday, May 18th.

Here’s a snapshot of what the series will contain:

  • No. 1: Best Advice I Ever Received
  • No. 2: Life’s Most Powerful Influence
  • No. 3: Maximizing Your Youth
  • No. 4: WARNING: Societies Greatest Disease
  • No. 5: The (Brutal) Cliff Notes of Life
  • No. 6: Imprisonment: Break The Shackles
  • No. 7: Activate Your REAL Motivation (no one else will admit this to you)
  • No. 8: How to ‘WOW’ When it Matters
  • No. 9: Life’s Best Decision Filter
  • No. 10: Seeking Advice (and when not to)

I think of the extra millions I could have earned (and the several I wouldn’t have lost!) if I knew 20 years ago what is in these 10 awesome life lessons.

The compound effect of the added influence, power, relationship capital and success I would have gained… if I knew then what I know now. It boggles my mind!

Bottom line, this is the stuff they don’t teach you in school (but should!)

And hey, just to make it clear, this series is not limited to new graduates only.
These are life lessons everyone needs to know (and most still don’t know).

It all starts this Monday, May 18th, but only for my DarrenDaily friends.

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Life's Greatest Success Lessons



Today I want to let you in on another great truism of success not often discussed.
Are you ready for it?
You sure?

You might not like it.
In fact, I am sure you won’t like it.
Because I don’t.
No great achiever does.
But it is a reality none-the-less.
Here it is... CONTINUE TO POST


Together we will compound and multiply your success through small, consistent daily improvements:

The Secret Source Code of Achievement

Today I am going to give you what I consider THE Secret Source Code of Achievement.
Most people won’t tell you this. Why?

Because one, they don’t know what’s REALLY running their motor. They THINK it’s for all these projected altruistic motives, but the REALITY is it is rooted in something much more raw and profound.

So I ask you, what do you think ignites motivation?
Come on now, I mean the REAL answer—not the cutesy ones written on motivational posters and coffee mugs.
Why do some people try so hard, fight so intensely and strive so vigorously?
Where do they get that passionate drive to achieve?

Are you ready for the truth? You sure? 
Okay, in truth it’s often because they are insecure, needy for attention and overcompensating for feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy... CLICK TO CONTINUE


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WOW Beginnings (2 of 2)

In part two of our WOW Beginnings series, here’s a lesson I want to share with you:
Go back to being a bit naïve.

Just as Brian Wong, whom I interviewed on the December CD of SUCCESS Magazine, said it,

“Be willing to ask questions and be naïve.”

You see, I think the older, and seemingly wiser and more experienced we become, the more we THINK we need to know the answers to questions and problems. We use our “experience” to project answers.

The problem is our experience is from the past and the present is probably a very different reality from the past. The other problem is our experience is one-sided, meaning ONLY from our vantage point. We often forget that everyone else is seeing the world, and their problems, needs, hopes and desires through a completely different prism. In reality the ONLY way we are going to know how to solve someone’s problem or satisfy someone’s needs and desires—is to ask ...CLICK TO READ MORE


The BEST of my private findings from all of my research, development & interactions, delivered daily to you:

WOW Beginnings (1 of 2)

In part 1 of this week’s series, I want to talk to you about WOW beginnings—businesses where young entrepreneurs hit it big early.

I want to share one such story with you.
One disclaimer however, I have a certain weakness for the business I am about to share with you…but more on that later.

In the summer of 1978 two friends, lets call them Cohen and Greenfield opened a makeshift ice cream parlor in an abandoned gas station in northern Vermont of all places.  Not perhaps you would think the most ideal location for to sell ice cream.

These two men didn’t start out to become ice cream makers.
They simply stumbled upon it.

The two had been friends since junior high school.
After college Cohen, who had dropped out of college, was trying to become a potter.
Greenfield was attempting to attend medical school.

Unfortunately for them both, and fortunately for the rest of the world, neither was having much luck.  Unhappy with their situations the two decided to team up and start a something together.

After a few considerations they landed on ice cream.
After taking a correspondence course on how to make ice cream and with a mere $12,000 – some from a loan and the rest scrounged together – Cohen and Greenfield were in business...CONTINUE READING


I’m often asked, “Will you be my mentor?” Today my answer is YES:

POW! What to Do When You Get Knocked Down (Part 2 of 2)

In last week’s post I shared the story of how Oprah was able to transform her knockdowns and great obstacles into a great strength, developing great empathy for people and becoming a beacon of hope for thousands who have come into contact with her.

This week I will continue our theme of POW and what to do to get back up when life knocks you down.

There are countless of other examples of people who experienced great knockdowns in life just as Oprah did.

We all need to learn how to get back up when we are knocked down, and what better way to do that than to hear inspiring stories from some of the people I’ve been fortunate to interview:

Roger Crawford was born with a physical handicap that affected all four of his limbs from the elbows down and from the knees down, leaving him with two fingers on his left wrist and one on his right, a partially developed right leg with three toes, and his left leg from the knee down was amputated. But he became a world-class tennis player, recognized by Sports Illustrated as one of the most accomplished athletes in history. During our interview Roger made this very profound statement, which I want you to listen to here... CLICK HERE TO READ REST OF POST

POW! What to Do When You Get Knocked Down (Part 1 of 2)

What do you do when you get knocked down?

And you will.

This is LIFE we are talking about.

It is not always blue skies, sunshine and smiling people waving to you from either side of the street. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it even storms and sometimes it even comes with the added drama (and potential pain) of lightning and thunder.

What do you do then, Mr. Sunshine?

Let me first share with you the story of a young girl who got knocked down in life early.

Born to an unwed teenage mother, this young girl spent her first years on her grandmother’s farm in Mississippi while her mother looked for work in the North. Life on the farm was primitive, and despite the hardships of her physical environment, she enjoyed the loving support of her grandmother and the community.

But at the age of 6 the girl’s world took a turn for the worse. She was sent to Milwaukee to live with her mother, who had found work as a housemaid. In the long days when her mother was working and absent from their inner-city apartment, the young girl was repeatedly molested by her cousin, uncle and a family friend.

The horrific episodes of physical abuse lasted from the ages of 9 to 13, leaving the girl emotionally devastated. Frightened and vulnerable, she tried to run away but was sent to a juvenile detention home, only to be denied admission because all the beds were filled.

At the age of 14 she gave birth to a baby boy… who died in infancy. She was kicked out of the house and on her own. At 14.

How was your upbringing?
As bad as that?

If this girl suffered permanent depression, became an alcoholic or got addicted to drugs, no one would be surprised.

But not this girl...CLICK TO READ REST

Fostering a Culture of Personal Development

In last week’s Q and A Part 1 post, I went over the importance of personal development and my own personal plan for developing my skills.

This week I will expand on the theme of personal development and share another video on the topic of fostering a culture of personal development.

The summary transcript of the video is provided below as well. Enjoy!

I promise you that this topic, out of everything we’ve talked about, from my point of view, is the most important topic we can address and dig in deeply that will have a profound impact on the growth, success, and sustainability of each and everyone of your organizations, which means the success of your profits and the performance of your organization.

So here’s the topic we’re going to cover here: How can we increase your performance and profits inside each and every one of your organizations?

By fostering a culture of personal development.

A culture of personal development in your sales field, and, I might add, a culture of personal development in your corporate organization as well. But we’re going to primarily focus on developing a personal development culture in your sales field and why that is the pivotal difference between the companies that go on to greatness. CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO AND READ REST