This is NOT Farewell…

Last week I shared with you some BIG news as well as revealed the greatest killer to your success. Today, it is apropos that I turn over the reigns on the issue themed personal development and include a clip from my mentor, the man who started me on my grand personal development journey, Mr. Jim Rohn.





This is my gift. A gift that was given to me that I am now thrilled to give to you--every day:

How to Build A Billion-Dollar Business

want tell you how to build a Billion-Dollar Business.
Oh, you don’t think you are capable or qualified to build a billion dollar business?
Well that thought is incorrect.

You see, success is an equal opportunist.
Success is blind to things like gender, age, race and especially background.
Some of the wealthiest and most successful people you know or have heard of come from a background filled with hardships and even poverty.

That’s the American Dream, right?
Start with nothing, end with everything you could possibly dream of. There are quite a few examples of people I could pinpoint who have lived the American Dream and left their mark on the world, most you have probably heard of. This is one you might not be as familiar with... CONTINUE READING


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The Epic Odyssey

The entrepreneur journey is usually an epic odyssey--one YOU can succeed at as Clyde is going to prove, no matter how old (or young) or your prior experience (failure or lack thereof).

I recently visited a local California farmers’ market and met Clyde, the owner of the Desert Olive Farms booth. Clyde looks like your quintessential cowboy; but as we talked I got the sense that this guy had seen more than just a few rodeos.

Like many of the great masters of reinvention, Clyde started early... CONTINUE TO POST


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In loving memory…

This Thursday we celebrate what would have been the 85th birthday of one of my greatest mentors and continued source of inspiration – Mr. Jim Rohn. It is cause for me to pause one more time to offer gratitude for the profound influence this man had on my life (and the lives of millions of others).

Jim gave his very first public seminar in 1963. Over the next 40 years, he used his unique gifts as a thought-provoking speaker, storyteller and philosopher to captivate audiences and encourage people to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

Jim always said one of his greatest desires was to have his name be part of someone else’s testimonial.   And while Jim has moved beyond our earthly domain, his wisdom lives on and continues to ignite the flames of possibility, and his name is inscribed in the success stories of millions of people he inspired. Now, if you’ll indulge me for moment, I’d like to share my own Jim Rohn story... CONTINUE TO POST


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Swimming with the Sharks

“I’m not a scrub pimp… so, I’m out,” Mark Cuban said on the reality TV series Shark Tank where entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to investors (the sharks).

Cuban was the second shark to utter the “I’m out” words behind Robert Herjavec who said he didn’t see “the retail vision” of a smiley-faced sponge called Scrub Daddy.

Suddenly Aaron Krause, the CEO of Scrub Daddy, finds himself as bait in a fierce shark fight.

Shark Daymond John offers to partner with Lori Greiner for 15 percent. “Well here’s the thing,” Lori says. “I don’t need you,” and cuts him out swiftly (ouch!).

Then Kevin O’Leary swims in and slashes both of them off at the fins with a creative finance deal. He proposes a zero percent equity deal (gasp!) for royalties in perpetuity.

Now there’s blood in the water, and a real frenzy ensues... CONTINUE READING


Let’s journey to success everyday, first thing in the morning:

Be a LION (Pt 1 of 2)

Philip II of Macedon taught his son Alexander the Great,

“An army of deer led by a lion is more to be feared
than an army of lions led by a deer.”

The man you see on the cover of this month’s issue of SUCCESS, coach Mike Krzyzewski, is a lion.

Seven-time NBA All-Star, Grant Hill, recalls his first team meeting as a fresh Duke University basketball team recruit in fall of 1990, “It was an awesome day. I remember being excited, anxious and nervous when Coach K walked in. He paused for a moment to make sure that we were all looking him straight in the eye. And the first thing he said was: ‘We’re going to win the national championship this year.’”

This comment was made after Duke suffered an embarrassing 30-point loss to University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the national championship the year previous. Duke had also lost three starters from the previous year. Grant thought, “Is this man crazy?” As is the lead lion often thought to be... CONTINUE READING


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Go Into The Void

Last week I shared with you the inspiring story of Loretta Claiborne and how she conquered her adversities and the impossible situation life handed her.

This week I want to introduce you to one of the bravest, most courageous and inspiring human beings I have ever met.

His name is Jonathan Pitre and he is 14 years old. His story will both break and embolden your heart.



This is my gift. A gift that was given to me that I am now thrilled to give to you--every day::

Become a Productivity Superhero Pt1

Since many of you are also one of the dedicated millions that each month puts the SUCCESS Magazine CD in your car or uploads it to your phone and soaks in the wisdom on these tracks, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about someone very important to you (and me). Mariana.

Yes, Mariana is our audio producer extraordinaire.  She is wizard behind the curtain of all the great audio programs—every interview you hear and nugget you discover, Mariana helped me make it happen. She works with me to build the editorial calendar; we decide on the candidates together, and then she handles all the logistics of arranging the interview, coordinating with our interviewee and usually their staff, the recording producers, transcriptionists, production editors, printing, packaging, promotion and fulfillment, and so much more. Mariana was one of the most organized, efficient and productive people I knew.

said “was” because then, Mariana had her first baby. While I was thrilled for Mariana and the exquisite creature that is baby Rose, in all candor, just between you and me, I was a little worried I wouldn’t have the same Mariana my life depends on, post-Rose’s grand debut.

I was afraid Mariana would be different—let’s face it, no woman becomes a mother and remains unchanged. And I was right. Mariana was different, but not in the way I expected... CONTINUE TO POST


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The Network That Changes Everything

You’ve heard the adage, your network will determine your net worth.
Well, let me tell you about THE Network That Changes Everything.

My friend Patrick buys all his flowers online. He feels really clever doing it. “Click, Click, Send! That’s all it takes to be a hero!” he told me. Although he admitted none of the women ever seemed that awe-struck by the actual bouquet, Patrick didn’t mind. He figures, “Hey, it’s the thought that counts.”

Then he met Maren—a young woman tending her booth at a farmers’ market.
Patrick was instantly smitten.

“I think it was her eyes,” he said. “And her smile. And her laugh. She took my breath away.” Two days later it was Maren’s birthday and Patrick was invited to the party. “Flowers!” he thought... CLICK TO READ MORE


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