6 Steps to Conquer Your Fears

Last week I shared with you the story of Torre DeRoche and how she was able to conquer her greatest fear in order to experience both love and adventure in her life. Now, overcoming and conquering fear something I have studied intensely because of my mentoring and training of CEOs and entrepreneurs in helping them to reach and realize their inner potential and achieve their big ideas.

As a special treat for you on this topic, I am going to give you the strategies I wrote about in The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster book which outlines how to face down fear and gives you the six brain hacks you need to conquer the fears that right now might be holding you back from the success, the lifestyle you could achieve and the life you were meant to live... CONTINUE READING


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“Holy Productivity Batman!”

Last week I discussed how you could activate your productivity superpowers by turning on your Stress and Pressure response signals. This week, I want to give you further tips on how to put your superpowers into high gear so you can kick major butt when it comes to your arch nemesis Procrastination.

So let me ask you this, where would Batman be without Robin? Maverick without Goose? Sherlock Holmes without Watson? Hey, even Hans Solo without Chewbacca? My point being, we need to find you a sidekick. A productivity butt-kicking one at that!
You will be amazed at how much more time and energy you have in the day when you can delegate your lower priority tasks and hone in your focus on your most vital priorities (MVPs).

If you’ve read The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, you are familiar with my story about Maggie, and how much of a rockstar she is at what she does. Maggie is the one that keeps everything running smoothly. And today, I want to help you find your “Maggie.”

Here are the best practices I have learned in hiring virtual and local superhero sidekicks to help me stay focused on high-value functions in my unique strength zone... CONTINUE READING


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Today I want to let you in on another great truism of success not often discussed.
Are you ready for it?
You sure?

You might not like it.
In fact, I am sure you won’t like it.
Because I don’t.
No great achiever does.
But it is a reality none-the-less.
Here it is... CONTINUE TO POST


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The Secret Source Code of Achievement

Today I am going to give you what I consider THE Secret Source Code of Achievement.
Most people won’t tell you this. Why?

Because one, they don’t know what’s REALLY running their motor. They THINK it’s for all these projected altruistic motives, but the REALITY is it is rooted in something much more raw and profound.

So I ask you, what do you think ignites motivation?
Come on now, I mean the REAL answer—not the cutesy ones written on motivational posters and coffee mugs.
Why do some people try so hard, fight so intensely and strive so vigorously?
Where do they get that passionate drive to achieve?

Are you ready for the truth? You sure? 
Okay, in truth it’s often because they are insecure, needy for attention and overcompensating for feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy... CLICK TO CONTINUE


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Time to Get Vulnerable

When you hear the term leader, most likely an array of adjectives come to mind. Some may include courageous, strong, powerful, assertive, and so on.

Rarely would you think of vulnerability as a trait equating with leadership. Those within leadership positions in a company may even believe that displaying signs of vulnerability to your team is a sign of weakness. But I’m here to tell you that view is wrong. And they couldn’t be more mistaken.

In reality, vulnerability is a strength.
All great leaders have vulnerability.
So, in order to help you grow into a more powerful and courageous leader, I want you to be vulnerable.

In my interview with Patrick Lencioni in the February issue of SUCCESS, he said, “Start by coming to terms with your own vulnerability as a leader and then translate that to your team and then the rest of the organization.”

This reminds me of something Waldo Waldmen, a good friend of mine, said... CONTINUE TO POST

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